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1953 Alpine rally plate - not MYT
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August 2015
We sold the bonnet skin & the chassis box sections to Four Ashes customers, so we now have some more box sections made & they will be delivered shortly, we are about to use Keith Dixon's DB2 bonnet to make our buck even better than it was in 2013.
With our latest engine developments we are aiming to get 292bhp out of the engine.


The rebuild is going slowly but now the bonnet skin is made & in our workshop along with the lower apron (below the bumper ledge).
The chassis box sections have been specially made (Imperial sizes) & we have bought a Celette jig and a Celette measuring system from ebay, so one day we will start and to make some real progress.
Photos will be posted shortly.
November 7th 2013.

July 2011, We now have the brackets to bolt the DB2 chassis to the Celette jig, these should bolt the jig to the mounting points ofall of the suspension, engine & gearbox but only the rear axle mounts will fit as its so badly bent.
We will have to make our own brackets for the sill area & rear body mounts on the chassis to clamp it to the jig. 
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